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written by
Madeline Earp
Research Analyst, Freedom on the Net

Internet Censorship Around The World |

If you’re following the 2014 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul this week, you might want to refresh your memory about internet freedom around the world.

Southern Africa is facing a number of democracy challenges that SADC needs to take a leading role in addressing.

Civil Society, Democratic Governance, Human Rights Defense, Intergovernmental Bodies, Rule of Law
Sub-Saharan Africa
written by
Chloe Schwenke
Vice President of Global Programs

The Obama administration’s high-profile initiatives to embrace Africa have given short shrift to ethical leadership, democracy, and good governance.

Such incidents only serve to create a chilling effect on free expression and the exchange of ideas in Zambia, at a time when open debate on issues such as the constitution-making process and the health of the economy are critically important.

Civil Society, Democratic Governance, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Expression, Media Freedom, Rule of Law
Sub-Saharan Africa

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