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written by
Chloe Schwenke
Vice President of Global Programs

The Obama administration’s high-profile initiatives to embrace Africa have given short shrift to ethical leadership, democracy, and good governance.

Such incidents only serve to create a chilling effect on free expression and the exchange of ideas in Zambia, at a time when open debate on issues such as the constitution-making process and the health of the economy are critically important.

Civil Society, Democratic Governance, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Expression, Media Freedom, Rule of Law
Sub-Saharan Africa
written by
Cathal Gilbert
Project Director, Southern Africa
written by
Juliet Mureriwa
Senior Program Officer for Rule of Law in Southern Africa

The euphoria that followed longtime Zambian opposition leader Michael Sata’s election as president in 2011 has given way to fear that the country may be returning to the dark days of its less-than-democratic past.

Freedom House urges the government of Zambia to postpone enforcement of its draconian NGO Act, which required non-governmental organizations to register with the government before February 5, in apparent violation of the country’s constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of association. Freedom House calls on the government to consult with civil society to resolve issues about the legality and enforcement of the law.

Civil Society, Freedom of Association, Human Rights Defense, Rule of Law
Sub-Saharan Africa

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