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written by
Cyrus Rassool
Program Associate, Internet Freedom

In many countries, political leaders take full advantage of social media platforms even as ordinary citizens face criminal prosecution for their own online activities.

Freedom House expresses its concern about the November 5 trial of 20 Egyptians and 10 Emiratis accused of establishing a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United Arab Emirates. The charges show the government’s increasing effort to suppress criticism of the regime at the expense of the freedoms of expression and association.

Civil Society, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights Defense, Rule of Law
Middle East and North Africa

Freedom House featured an interactive map installation at the October 20-22 Google Ideas summit Conflict in a Connected World to show the range of methods used by repressive governments to control online content. The installation highlighted various types of internet censorship, such as filtering, physical attacks, and throttling, used in twelve countries throughout the world.

Internet Freedom, Media Freedom
Americas, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
written by
Shannon Coyne
Senior Program Associate, Internet Freedom

Government backlash against social media is becoming more common worldwide. In their efforts to control the new platforms, despotic leaders—in the Arab states to Turkey’s south especially—have tried throwing users behind bars, legislating what can be said online, and even arguing that social media should be banned on religious grounds.

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