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written by
Arch Puddington
Vice President for Research

This year marks the 40th anniversary of a military coup in Portugal that eventually led to the triumph of democracy there and in a series of other countries around the world. The role of regional democracies in ensuring Portugal’s success bears important lessons for today.

written by
Jennifer Dunham
Project Manager, Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press
written by
Zselyke Csaky
Research Analyst, Nations in Transit

In the half decade since the beginning of the economic crisis, global press freedom has declined, and the EU has been no exception to this trend. Reporting on a new survey on press freedom, Jennifer Dunham and Zselyke Csaky find that Greece and Hungary have experienced large declines in press freedom in recent years, with Lithuania, Latvia and Spain also seeing falls. They write that the economic crisis has exacerbated deep-rooted problems across Europe’s media environments leading to a decline in print media circulation and diversity, as well as a greater concentration of media ownership.


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