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written by
Arch Puddington
Vice President for Research

Although it has been described in the Economist as “Africa’s New Number One,” Nigeria has long struggled with problems of poor governance, corruption, religious conflict, and the persecution of vulnerable groups—notably LGBTI people.

Freedom House has compiled the following questions for Secretary of State John Kerry, who will appear before Congress this week to discuss the proposed foreign affairs budget for fiscal year 2015.

Freedom House joins U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in strongly condemning President Goodluck Jonathan’s signing Nigeria’s anti-homosexuality bill into law on January 13. While traditional values in Nigeria reflect widespread discomfort with homosexuality, the new law ignores fundamental and universal human rights by banning same-sex relations, same-sex marriage and criminalizing participation in gay clubs, societies, and organizations.

Civil Society, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights Defense, Rule of Law
Sub-Saharan Africa

Freedom House is concerned by United Nations General Assembly electing Saudi Arabia, Chad, and Nigeria as members of the United Nations Security Council.

Human Rights Defense, Intergovernmental Bodies, United Nations
Americas, Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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