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written by
Russell Raymond
Program Officer, Rights & Justice Initiatives

The Malian government has promised a number of initiatives to provide justice and compensation to the victims of the civil conflict, but its performance to date has raised doubts about its ability to deliver.

written by
Eli McCrain
Communications Intern

The ICC celebrated its 12th birthday this month. To provide insight into the court’s current challenges, here is a review of all eight ongoing ICC investigations. The success or failure of each case will determine not only the ICC’s credibility, but also the practice of international criminal law as a whole.

written by
Chloe Schwenke
Vice President of Global Programs

The Obama administration’s high-profile initiatives to embrace Africa have given short shrift to ethical leadership, democracy, and good governance.

This weekend’s horrific events in Kidal proved that the crisis in Mali is far from resolved.

Civil Society, Democratic Governance, Human Rights Defense, Rule of Law
Sub-Saharan Africa

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