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written by
Africa Program Staff

Freedom House’s latest Freedom in the World report paints a bleak picture of democracy and human rights in Africa overall, with 88 percent of the population living in countries designated either Not Free or Partly Free. Nevertheless, there were a number of small victories on the continent during 2013, even in countries where the prevailing trend remains negative.

As political tensions rise in Guinea following parliamentary elections on September 28, Freedom House calls for a meaningful and constructive dialogue among all political parties. Without full participation in this dialogue, Guinea risks further democratic decline in an already fragile country.

Civil Society, Democratic Governance, Elections
Sub-Saharan Africa
written by
Arch Puddington
Vice President for Research
written by
Jennifer Dunham
Project Manager, Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press

The findings for Freedom in the World 2013, which were released this week, reflect a complex picture for the state of global freedom. On one hand, the number of countries ranked in the Free category increased to 90, an impressive share of the world’s 195 sovereign states. At the same time, more countries, 27, suffered significant setbacks in their freedom indicators than showed notable gains, 16, marking the seventh consecutive year in which declines outnumbered improvements.

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