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Germany vs. Algeria
As World Cup soccer kicks off the first knockout stage on June 28, Freedom House takes a look at how teams stack up based on their countries’ freedom scores, as measured in Freedom House’s Freedom in the World index.
written by
Jennifer Dunham
Senior Research Analyst, Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press

It is telling that of the 23 indicators assessed in Freedom House’s just-released report Freedom of the Press 2014, the category concerning the physical ability of journalists to cover the news suffered one of the largest score declines of the year.

Marco Civil's provisions, including the right to privacy, free expression online, and net neutrality, set an example for other governments of positive measures that enshrine human rights online into law.

Civil Society, Freedom of Expression, Internet Freedom, Rule of Law
written by
Ashley Greco-Stoner
Senior Research Assistant, Freedom on the Net

Over the past 18 months, Latin America has borne witness to a changing legal landscape that directly impacts internet freedom. Constraints have come in varying forms in different countries, yet each affects the scope and depth of the content that can be found online. High-profile cases of intermediary liability—in which internet service providers (ISPs), website hosts, and search engines are held legally, and at times, criminally responsible for user-generated content—have come to the fore in Brazil and Argentina. In Ecuador, the June passage of the Organic Law on Communications set a legal precedent for holding platforms responsible for content posted by users, placing further legal pressure on an environment already under threat.


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