Freedom at Issue:

Insights on the global struggle for democracy

Robert Herman
Charles Dunne
Annie Boyajian

The following are suggested questions for William V. Roebuck, the nominee for U.S. ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, whose confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will take place on Wednesday, September 10.

Russell Raymond

The Malian government has promised a number of initiatives to provide justice and compensation to the victims of the civil conflict, but its performance to date has raised doubts about its ability to deliver.

Jennifer Dunham

The EU should set explicit press freedom requirements for candidate countries and enforce these more strictly during the accession process.

Diana Villiers Negroponte

If Mexico’s efforts to strengthen the rule of law are to succeed, the country will need investigative journalists who feel safe enough to do their jobs.

Madeline Earp

Internet Censorship Around The World |

If you’re following the 2014 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul this week, you might want to refresh your memory about internet freedom around the world.

Arch Puddington

A quarter-century after the 1989 revolutions, freedom prevails in Central Europe, but some politicians are turning their backs on democratic values at home and new liberation struggles abroad.

Margaret Marshall

The most egregious violators of LGBTI people’s human rights are authoritarian states, but even some democracies remain hostile environments for their gay and transgender citizens.

Arch Puddington

The Ukraine conflict has awakened the world to the return of sheer, raw propaganda—as practiced by Goebbels and warned of by Orwell.

Laurna Strikwerda

How U.S. institutions handle the situation in Ferguson, Missouri will have a global impact.

Jacqueline Strzemp

Opposition demonstrations that erupted in February to protest rampant crime and economic dysfunction have ebbed in recent months, but the government’s repressive tactics and neglect of underlying grievances have continued, putting the country on a path toward rising instability.