Chloe Schwenke

Dr. Chloe Schwenke is vice president of global programs. In this role she oversees Freedom House’s emergency assistance funds, including the Lifeline Fund, which supports embattled civil society organizations, and Dignity for All, which supports to LGBTI advocates under threat, and three other similar funds. She also oversees global programs on freedom of expression, Internet freedom, LGBTI issues, and gender equality. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Schwenke served as an Obama Administration appointee at the U.S. Agency for International Development both as the Senior Advisor for LGBT Policy globally, and as the Senior Advisor on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance for sub-Saharan Africa. As USAID formulated their new strategy on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance, Chloe provided leadership on embracing a development-focused vision of human rights and human dignity that concentrates not only on protecting human rights, but also on expanding capabilities, opportunities, and freedoms. Chloe’s career as a development practitioner and academic extends over three decades of experience, including 15 years of work based in Africa and Asia. Her career is characterized by her innovative accomplishments in advancing international respect for the human rights of vulnerable and marginalized persons, advancing gender equality, and facilitating the emergence of ethical, democratic leaders throughout the developing world. She is also distinguished by her strong record in publications, public speaking, and advocacy.